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Statement of Support for Adoption Apology

Ngala commends the Western Australian Government’s apology (Oct, 2010) to single mothers whose babies were adopted out during the 1940s to 1980s. At the time, this was a widespread practice across Australia and in Western Australia across a number of health institutions.

Ngala supports the public apology to all mothers who were adversely affected by these past practices and regrets the trauma caused to them and their children.

Since its inception more than 120 years ago, Ngala’s practices have continued to develop reflecting changes in knowledge and the needs of the community.

Today, Ngala is a leading resource in Western Australia for parents with babies and young children. Our aim is to support mothers, fathers and families in the parenting and development for their children.

For those seeking additional information or wishing to speak with an appropriate person, please contact Ngala on (08)9368 9368 or email

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