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Board of Directors

 ------ Martin Black                       ------ Peter Young

                                 Chairperson                                        Deputy Chairperson 
                                 Martin Black                                              Peter Young


------ Ashley Reid               ------ David Izzard

                       Ashley Reid GAICD, FLWA,                            Treasurer 
                            Public Officer, CEO                                David Izzard GAICD,
                                                                                          CSA, MBA, CPA, B.Bus


------ Kiersten Gregg                    ------ Jen Ehlers

                          Kiersten Gregg B.Econ                        Jen Ehlers B.Arts 
                                    (IR/HR)                                        Grad Dip Ed, MBA


   Veronika Kretzer                       Craig Heatley              

                        Dr Veronika Kretzer MBBS,                Craig Heatley     
                            DCH(WA), FRACP (Aust.)                   BBus.FCA


                        Dr Lucy Hopkins                     Mr Kimberly Stokes

                             Dr. Lucy Hopkins                             Mr Kimberly Stokes 

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  • Let's Sleep

    Let's Sleep

    When: 21 Jul, 1:30pm

    Where: Rockingham

    6 - 12 months. Is your baby having difficulty around sleep? Ngala provides a one-off workshop to help parents understand more about their baby's sleep. Information will be provided on sleep and settling strategies.

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