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What is EatPlayThrive? 

It is a preventative program that assists parents and carers of children aged 1-12 years in creating a healthier lifestyle for their family. The program consists of three 2-2.5 hour workshops conducted over a three week period.

Sessions include:

    • Identifying the (unhealthy) triggers – We look at the role advertising and media play in influencing our eating habits.
    • Stretching your food dollar further – This session focuses on how to create healthy meals on a budget and learning to read food labels to identify healthier options.
    • Getting the family off the couch – We discuss the benefits of exercise for the whole family. We also discuss the importance of role models, managing meal time conflict, as well as discuss how to limit screen time and becoming more active as a family.

All topics include interactive activities and informal discussion to develop understanding. The final workshop will conclude with parents cooking a healthy meal together, using skills learned over the program’s duration.

Interested in hosting or participating?

Workshops can be run at a variety of host agencies such as schools, playgroups, child care centres and community centres. For more information, please email or call 9368 9368. 

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 Budget & Health Friendly Shopping             Food & Brain Development

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Meal Inspiration & Ideas                Family Activities, Advertising & Screen Time

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Looking for a nutrition workshop?

Ngala conducts two workshops connecting food to your child's developmental stage.

Food Glorious Food Birth to 12 months. Covers the impact of nutrition on brain development in the first year of life. Topics include when to introduce solids, variety, quantity and strategies to establish and encourage long term healthy eating patterns.

Tasty Toddler 1 to 3 years. Looks at how a child's developing senses shape their feelings and attitudes towards eating and how parents contribute as role models in providing opportunities for healthy food choices.

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