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Admission Information

Day Stay and Overnight Stay at Ngala are provided in our licensed private hospital in Kensington.

Patients to be admitted for these services require a letter requesting admission from a registered medical practitioner in Western Australia for Ngala to comply with hospital licensing and private health insurance legislation.

Ngala does not have an admitting doctor on staff and accepts admissions from all registered WA medical practitioners. Ngala is unable to provide Day or Overnight admission for patients without a signed letter of admission.

If your client has not already contacted Ngala, please ensure they make the first contact by calling our Helpline on 08 9368 9368 or 1800 111 546. This is to record the family’s details and history of parenting and adjustment issues. Only when a family record has been created can admission to our residential unit occur.

Doctors requesting admission for their patients should list the patients to be admitted and the reason for admission. For the convenience of medical practitioners we have provided a form that can be completed and signed.  The Ngala programs are designed that both the primary caregiver and the child/ren in focus are admitted as patients.

Ngala Request for Admission Form

Please return the completed Request for Admission by:

Upon receipt of a request from parents (usually through Ngala Helpline), they will be contacted by bookings staff to arrange an admission date.

There is often a waitlist for our Day Stay and Overnight Stay services. Direct entry into Overnight Stay is not available, initial service, assessment and support is through a Consultation or Day Stay admission.

Ngala programs do not require admitting doctors to visit patients during admission however details of the care plan and progress will be forwarded on discharge for your information. The manager and clinical coordinator of our hospital services are happy to answer any questions about the programs and interventions.

Ngala’s Day Stay and Overnight Stay at Kensington service is licensed as a private hospital and as such is not funded by Medicare. A schedule of fees applies to admission at Ngala.

Fees can be claimed through private health insurance. Families/patients without insurance are able to apply for a fee subsidy based on family income.  All payment matters will be addressed in the booking process.

Booking staff can also discuss options for payment by instalment or discuss alternative arrangements with the Family Services Manager on a needs basis.

A discharge summary will be forwarded to the admitting medical practitioner outlining the care provided and any ongoing support that may be required. With the patient’s permission, similar information can be forwarded to other agencies working with the patient.

Ngala staff provide follow up by phone to all families admitted for services and recommend appropriate community supports and services.

Ngala is unable to admit patients to Day Stay or Overnight Stay where:

    • Children, parents or carers who are physically or psychologically unwell to the extent that they are unable to fully participate in the service provide
    • Parents or carers who are under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol.
    • Parents or carers whose behaviour is likely to cause significant distress to other families or to staff.


Ngala offers consultations at some Ngala centres, by phone and webcam. For more details visit Ngala Consultations.  

Consultations do not require a letter of admission and parents can request this service direct through Helpline.

A fee is applicable and subsidies available based on family income. Most consultations range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes and include 1 or 2 follow up phone contacts.

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