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Research is a key area for Ngala

Ngala is committed to research as a foundation for best practice and emphasises the need to develop practitioners’ own knowledge base. Ngala supports research and evaluation being undertaken within the organisation and in collaboration with University Partners

The purpose of Ngala’s research policy is “to support an agenda for work in early parenting and early childhood that is responsive to the needs of the community and fits with Ngala’s purpose in serving the community by providing evidence-based early parenting and early childhood services”.  As such our research priorities are:

  1. Perinatal anxiety and depression
  2. Early Years Development
  3. Parent/Child relationship
  4. Parent skill development
  5. Families in community context
  6. Workforce development
  7. Historical perspectives of Ngala’s work
  8. Culturally Sensitive Parenting.

Research Framework

Over the past decade research and evaluation have been identified in Ngala’s strategic plan as a key area for the organisation with the aim to “research, evaluate and develop services to meet needs of WA families and expand access to early parenting support.”

Ngala’s research framework is a guide to future research activity, assists with identifying and developing priorities and building stronger, clearer connections between current evidentiary research and the practices that underpin our work with families and children.

Research Framework
2016 /17 Research Plan

Research Partnerships

Ngala aims to develop and build relationships with key universities and agencies related to research in the early years as outlined in the research framework. We work together with the following key university partners who support us in our research activities:

Ailsa Munns- School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine (Curtin University)
Assoc. Prof.Lynn Priddis, School of Psychology & Social Science (Edith Cowan University)
Dr Vicki Banham, School of Psychology & Social Science (Edith Cowan University)
Prof. Yvonne Hauck - School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine (Curtin University)
Prof. Rhonda Marriott- School of Psychology and Exercise Science (Murdoch University)
Assoc. Prof. Richard Fletcher - Fathers and Families Research Program (University of Newcastle)
Dr. Lyn Colvin - ORIGINS Project (Telethon Kids Institute)

Research Opportunities


Ngala encourages collaborative research opportunities and welcomes submissions from relevant stakeholders with a common interest in the early parenting and childhood sector.

Student research opportunities will also continue to be supported. Final year and postgraduate students are invited to consider and apply for upcoming Student research Opportunities.  

If you would like further information or are interested in research partnerships with Ngala, please complete the Research Collaboration EOI  and email to

Completed Research

Ngala’s Published Research and Articles 2007- 2017

Other Research 2003-5

For queries about the research listed or other information please email

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  • Early Parenting Groups

    Early Parenting Groups

    When: 22 Nov, 9:30am

    Where: Swan View

    Birth to 4 months: A 5-week series of workshops for parents with a newborn baby. Each workshop covers a wide range of topics about you and your new baby and provides the opportunity to meet and connect with other new parents in your local area.

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