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Research is a key area for NgalaAs identified in Ngala’s strategic plan, research is a key area for the organisation. Recently Ngala has developed a Research Framework to guide us in our research activities. At Ngala, we participate in research projects that focus on evidence-based studies to underpin our work with families and children. Click here to see our research plan for the next four years.

At Ngala we work together with the following key university partners who support us in our research activities:

Vicki Banham, School of Psycology & Social Science

Yvonne Hauck, School of Nursing & Midwifery

Lynn Priddis, School of Psychology & Social Science

Completed Research

2013 An Exploration of the Past, Present and Future of Nursing in Early Parenting Services in Australia
This research used a case study strategy, involving a mixed methods approach, to investigate nurses’ and allied professionals’ perceptions of the nursing role within an interdisciplinary team. It enabled further reflection and consideration of future nursing workforce priorities for Early Parenting Services (EPS) nationally. The three phases informed a framework for future direction in the form of a workforce development strategy which will assist in future workforce planning at Ngala and EPS around Australia. For more information on this study, please contact 

2013 Online healthy lifestyle support in the perinatal period: what do women want and do they use it?
This study was undertaken with the Child Health Promotion Research Centre Edith Cowan University and presents a project designed to provide online information, promoting healthy lifestyles, in the perinatal period. Focus group interviews were held with 116 perinatal women and 76 perinatal health care providers (PHCPs) to determine what online information perinatal women and PHCPs want and how best it should be presented. The outcome was Ngala’s clinically endorsed website and smartphone app- Healthy You Healthy Baby (HYHB). The tailored, personalised, clinically approved content addresses perinatal women’s desires for access to reliable healthy lifestyle-related information when needed. For more information on this study, please contact 

2013 SCOPE Childhood Obesity Project Bridges Policy/Practice Gap
The SCOPE Project was a collaborative intervention in the Western Australian primary healthcare sector, focusing on promoting healthier family lifestyles for parents of young children. The aim was to engage key stakeholders in the development of a robust plan for collaborative, feasible action that builds on existing services, uses consistent messages and strengthens service provider networks. This paper  was published in  The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. For more information on this study, please contact

2012 The Development of an Interdisciplinary Research Agenda at Ngala: an innovative case study
This study was undertaken by Ngala in consultation with University partners. A research group was developed at Ngala which included representatives from key Universities, with the aim of developing a Research Framework to guide Ngala in its research plan and activities. The report resulting from this study has been published in the journal Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health Nursing. For more information on this study, please contact

2012 Surviving Postnatal Depression: the Male Perspective
This research project was undertaken by Elaine Bennett who, together with Dawson Cooke, has added current literature on this issue. The study examines the impact of Postnatal Depression on a group of men whose partners are experiencing moderate to severe levels of postnatal depression. The study demonstrates that the experience of ‘surviving postnatal depression’ causes significant distress for men and describes the transitions that they go through in order to cope. This paper contributes to recent literature and our understanding of the male experience of postnatal depression and shares some of the strategies the men used in order to survive. This paper was published by the journal Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health Nursing. For more information on this study, please contact 

2011 The effectiveness of an early parenting intervention for mothers with infants with sleep and settling concerns: a prospective non-equivalent before-after design
This study was undertaken by Ngala and Curtin University with the aim of comparing changes in maternal confidence, competence, depression, anxiety and settling behaviours and children’s sleep and settling behaviours for mothers and infants (4–6 months of age) attending a Day Stay intervention at Ngala. This paper was published in The Journal of Clinical Nursing. For more information on this study, please contact

2010  Fathers and Families - Working with Fathers
This study was undertaken by the Australian Association of Parenting & Child Health, Ngala & other Australian parenting centres. The aim of this research project was to consider possible future research directions about fathers in early parenting programs and services – families from pregnancy and with children 0-5 years. As part of this enquiry these programs were explored and evaluated from a father engagement perspective, with input from both researchers and practitioners in the field. Details of this research project were published on both ARACY and Ngala websites. For more information on this study, please contact

2010 Improving parent–infant relationships: An innovative group approach to working with families to improve parent–infant relationships within a community setting
This study was undertaken by Ngala and Curtin University with the aim of exploring changes in parent-child relationships. This paper specifically focuses on parental understanding and management of regulatory disturbances in their children after participation in Ngala’s Tuned in Parenting (TIP) intervention and was published in the  Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health Nursing journal. For more information on this study, please contact

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  • Introduction to Sleep Presentation

    Introduction to Sleep Presentation

    When: Mar 14 - May 04

    Would you like more information about sleep and your 0-1yr old? Why not attend one of Ngala's upcoming Introduction to Sleep presentations.


  • Early Parenting Groups

    Early Parenting Groups

    When: 22 Apr, 9:30am

    Where: Bentley

    Birth to 12 weeks: A 5-week series of workshops for parents with a newborn baby. Each workshop covers a wide range of topics about you and your new baby and provides the opportunity to meet and connect with other new parents in your local area.