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Hire A Room at Noranda

--- Noranda Rm 1

The Noranda Family Centre has air-conditioned/heated rooms available for a variety of services, programs and activities.

Both long and short term rentals are available.                                

--- Noranda Rm 2

    • Meeting Facilities & Room Hire
      Air-conditioned/heated facility
      Tables & Chairs
    • Full Kitchen Facilities
      Instantaneous Urn for Coffee and Tea
      Oven, Fridge and Microwave
    • Outdoor Play Area--- Noranda Rm 3
      Shaded playground equipment
      Undercover patio area
    • Enclosed play area

Reviews from hirers of Noranda Family Centre

    • Fantastic venue! We had a great party.
    • Easy set up & clean up.
    • Great kitchen facilities.
    • Excellent venue for children's birthday parties.
    • Fully equiped venue.
    • Wonderfully clean and user friendly place

Please note NO alcohol is permitted.

If you are interested in hiring a room, please contact the Client Liaison Officer at 08 9368 9325 or

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