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South East Metro

Ngala runs services in the South East Metro area, particularly in Kensington and near Belmont. Have you seen the Ngala office in Kensington?

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Where to find Ngala services

Not sure what suburbs are in the South East Metro area? See the South East Metro map.

Ngala Parenting Line

All of WA
Learn more about Ngala Parenting Line, the free phone support service for families of children aged 0 to 18.

Early Parenting Groups

Belmont, Cannington, Kensington
Learn more about Ngala Early Parenting Groups.

Parenting Workshops

Belmont, Cannington, Kensington
Learn more about Ngala Parenting Workshops.

Child Care

Early Learning and Development Services (ELDS)

Kensington, Perth Airport/Belmont
Learn more about Ngala Child Care in Kensington and Perth Airport/Belmont.

Additional support

MyTime WA

Cannington, East Victoria Park, Langford, Rivervale, Seville Grove
Learn more about MyTime WA groups for families of children with a disability.

Day Stay

All of WA, based in Kensington
Learn more about Day Stay, a residential early parenting program.

For community groups and organisations

Community Workshops

All of WA
Workshops for playgroups and parent groups, in libraries, child care centres and more. Available soon. Learn more about Community Workshops.

Professional Training and Development

All of WA
Learn more about Ngala’s Professional Training and Development for people in the community working with families of young children. 

Keep up-to-date with changes to Ngala’s services at Ngala News.

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  • Let's Sleep

    Let's Sleep

    When: 21 Jul, 1:30pm

    Where: Rockingham

    6 - 12 months. Is your baby having difficulty around sleep? Ngala provides a one-off workshop to help parents understand more about their baby's sleep. Information will be provided on sleep and settling strategies.

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