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The Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities (PFBPC) project provides Ngala parenting support to families and communities in Newman. This community initiative builds on the successful 2012 pilot of Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities. Through their Community Grants Program, BHP Billiton is proud to support  the ongoing Ngala delivery of Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities for 2017 to 2019

Newman August 2017 Events

Ngala comes to Newman 21st -23rd August  2017. The project offers an open invitation to parents, community groups, employer groups and services working with families in Hedland to participate by either attending or arranging to become a host for project workshop or activity in the future. See activities in August 2017 for the full program. 

Past Events

Ngala visited Newman 3rd-5th March 2017 to provide a series of free parenting workshops as part of PFBPC.  

Working with Communities

Ngala works with communities to extend parenting and early years services and activities.
Ngala provides support to existing community early years programs through:

    • Parent and professional workshops
    • Community forums
    • Resource kits
    • Improving its services in the Pilbara through regular evaluation

To keep updated with Ngala’s relationships with organisations, professionals and parents in the Pilbara please visit this web page regularly.

Ngala Support for Families

Ngala Support for Professionals

For professionals working with families.

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