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Family Programs at Ngala

Information about Ngala's Family ProgramsFamily Programs include Day Stay and Overnight Stay Services at our Kensington Premises.

Families attending these services will be supported by Ngala’s interdisciplinary team including child health, midwives and mothercraft nurses, lactation consultants, psychologist, social workers and DadsWA staff. A General Practitioner is also available for consultation with families attending Overnight Stay.

Parents wishing to discuss these services should contact the Ngala Parenting Line.

Admissions to Day Stay and Overnight Stay require a letter of admission from a General Practitioner or a Specialist who is registered with the Medical Board of WA. The Ngala programs are designed that both the primary caregiver and the child/ren in focus are admitted as patients.

Fees apply for the Day Stay and Overnight Stay services which may be covered by health insurance or if the family does not have health insurance, fees are charged according to a sliding scale of income.

Need more details? See the admission information.

Day Stay

Families with children under two years of age may attend Ngala for a full day providing families with the opportunity to explore ways they can address their early parenting concerns. Such concerns may include breast or formula feeding, diet and nutrition, sleep and settling difficulties, child behavioural issues, adjustment to parenting, parental anxiety, parent/child relationships, fatigue and issues related to postnatal depression.

The Day Stay service is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. The extended contact with staff over the day provides opportunity for staff to discuss parents concerns, what is working well and areas in which they may need support. Staff will demonstrate identified strategies and offer education and support to families to try new ideas themselves.

The staff ratio is one staff member to two families.

Ngala endeavours to provide a timely service however waiting times can be up to four weeks for the Day Stay service.

Overnight Stay

For some families where there is a need for support over a longer period, Overnight Stay may be recommended.

Overnight Stay provides the opportunity for families to set aside four days and nights to explore issues associated with their children’s development, family relationships, communication, sleep, dietary issues and other parenting concerns.

The staff ratio is one staff member to two families

A one night stay may be offered following a previous service for additional support if appropriate.

All families will have attended a Day Stay or have had a Centre or Telephone Consultation prior to consideration for an Overnight Stay admission. Country clients are encouraged to access a service prior to our Overnight Stay service for interim support as with Metropolitan clients and can also contact the Ngala Parenting Line directly.

Waiting times for the Overnight Stay service may be up to 12 weeks.


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