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Through Hey Dad WA, Ngala aims to engage men in early parenting and provide a 'male friendly' environment for all Ngala servicesThrough DadsWA, Ngala aims to engage men in early parenting by providing a ‘male friendly’ environment across all Ngala services. DadsWA is staffed by male workers and assists men to gain the skills needed for them to be fully involved in all aspects of parenting and fatherhood, encouraging them to build close, strong relationships with their children as loving, caring and active fathers. 

More on Why Dads are Important.

Another objective of DadsWA is to work in close consultation and collaboration with other organisations to:

    • Build a collective understanding of the of the unique and valued position of men in family life;
    • Encourage agencies to be more inclusive of men within the ambit of their services; and
    • Promote collaborative planning and partnerships around research and service provision to families with a particular focus on fatherhood issues.

DadsWA are involved with the following services:

Personal Information and Support

Fathers and mothers are welcome to contact the DadsWA team for information, resources and support on any aspect of fatherhood and parenting.

The DadsWA team can be contacted on or (08) 9368 9379 for metro callers and 1800 111 546 for country callers.

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