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City to Surf with a Child Health Nurse

City to Surf with a Child Health Nurse: A girl is shown walking through the grass

Stroll with Ngala Child Health Nurses in the 2017 Perth City to Surf and help raise vital funds for WA families - when they need it most.

You can catch us on the 4km walk through Perth. We’ll be looking bright in blue so you can easily find us, ask parenting questions and discuss parenting concerns and challenges.

By registering for the event, creating a supporter page and fundraising for Ngala, you’ll be making a world of difference to the families and communities in WA who need our support.

Why Ngala?

We grow hundreds of connected communities with thousands of WA families.

For over 125 years, Ngala’s purpose has held firm: to offer the best possible support and guidance to WA families, when and where it is most needed. 

We believe children and young people have the right to be safe, understood and nurtured so they can develop to their full potential. 

We also believe parents and families have the right to access support when they need it, so they can be confident, consistent, and loving - and take care of themselves.

How do we do it?

Ngala develops, designs, and delivers services with and for Western Australian parents, children, and communities. We provide parenting support, community services, early childhood services, sector development programs and more.

How to get started

It’s easy! Just visit the City to Surf website, then:

  1. Register for the 4km walk in Perth (Wave 2 - Prams and Strollers)
  2. Select Ngala as your charity
  3. Visit My Fundraising to create your supporter page
  4. Set your fundraising goal
  5. Share on your social media - and invite your friends to come along!

Fundraise for Ngala

With your fundraising support, we can support more families across our state and build more connected communities.

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