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About Play & Development

Information about babies play and developmentChildren thrive when they receive care that is characterised as nurturing, responsive, consistent, stimulating, and stable. Ngala’s PLAY videos / dvd's are available at all libraries in Western Australia or may be purchased from Ngala.

How you can help your baby develop is through ‘play’. Newborns learn about the world when you hold and talk to them - they learn about you through their senses:

    • What you smell like,
    • What you look like,
    • What you feel like,
    • Are you stressed or calm?
    • Is your voice happy or sad?

To help your baby and children learn about their world it is important that you talk to them as often as possible telling them as much as possible. For example, "we are now getting into your blue pram and going to Nana’s house”. Playing with your baby with gentle movement helps them to develop their reflexes and motor skills as well helping to reduce their crying and produce greater visual alertness. Did you know:

    • That your baby learns through their senses and repetition?
    • That ordinary moments are an opportunity to help your child learn about themselves and the world in which they live?
    • Play promotes intimate relationships?
    • Play promotes growth skills and learning possibilities?
    • Play meets the need for stimulation and comfort?Information about play and development

Like any muscle, the more exercise the brain gets the stronger the connections become - so play is important.

More about Play and Development.

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  • Let's Sleep

    Let's Sleep

    When: 14 Dec, 1:00pm

    Where: Aveley

    6 - 12 months. Is your baby having difficulty around sleep? Ngala provides a one-off workshop to help parents understand more about their baby's sleep. Information will be provided on sleep and settling strategies.

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