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Secrets of Good Sleepers

How do you know if your child is tired?

A tired baby may:Secrets of Good Sleepers  

    • Close fists
    • Rub Eyes
    • Use jerky arm and leg movements
    • Yawn
    • Have a worried facial expression
    • Arch backwards
    • Have difficulty focusing – go cross-eyed
    • Suck fingers as a way of self soothing to sleep

A tired older baby may:

    • Have any of the above signs of tiredness
    • Pull at ears
    • Become easily frustrated with play
    • Have clumsy behaviour
    • Have clingy behaviour
    • Need or demand more attention
    • Be fussy while feeding and eating
    • Be less tolerant of new situations

A tired child may:Secrets of Good Sleepers

    • Have any of the earlier mentioned tired signs
    • Be more un-cooperative
    • Become quickly frustrated
    • Have more frequent temper tantrums
    • Become fussy with food
    • Have increased activity

Day Time Sleeps

Limiting you child's day time sleep will not help them sleep better at night. Research clearly demonstrates that babies and chidlren that are overtired have mroe difficulty settling and feeding during the day and night.

Is my child bored or tired?

Sometimes you may think your child is just bored and when you give him something to do the crying stops and the signs of tiredness stop. Watch and see if the grizzly crying and tired signs start again in a few minutes.

Babies and small children are easily distracted from their feeling of tiredness and this is why they get overtired so quickly. Overtired babies and children are more difficult to get to sleep.

Download the Secrets of Good Sleepers Chart.

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