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Self Care Strategies

It is vital that you make some time for yourself, at least for short regular periods.  If you have a partner, negotiate that you take turns having a break or ‘time out’ from your busy schedule.  If you are a sole parent or not coping as well as you'd like to, see Asking For Help

Some alternative ideas for self care strategies are:


Asking for Help

It is important to acknowledge the need for help when a new baby enters your life. It can be difficult to manage the constant demands of a baby and our busy lifestyles when in isolation.  It is also vital that where a partner is involved the couple allows time for each other to talk and communicate their thoughts and experiences about being new parents.

There are a number of helplines you can call for support if needed:

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Other Useful Links and References


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More on Postnatal Health

Further Information

Parenting Workshops

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For families of children aged 0 to 18
if you need further assistance contact the
 Ngala Parenting Line.
Call 9368 9368 or Country Access 1800 111 546
8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday or
Request a call from the Ngala Parenting Line online 

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