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Realistic Weight Loss After Birth


Weight loss will not happen overnight, it takes nine months of pregnancy for your body to adapt and give birth, therefore it will take a similar length of time to recover and readjust.  You may want to lose weight quickly, but a weight loss of 0.5-1.0 Kg per week is recommended, and will require realistic habits that are easier to be made and kept. 

If you don’t reach your goal weight by a certain time, or if you have a ‘bad’ day, it doesn’t matter.  Just keep trying to lose weight slowly.  Some weeks it may just be harder than others.  Just try to think positively, and look for simple ways to push on.  You will get more time to yourself as your baby settles into a routine.

Tell your partner and friends that you are trying to lose some weight.  Ask them to support you, by:

    • Bringing around fruit or healthy foods, instead of chocolates, cakes and sweet drinks;
    • Avoiding takeaway foods;
    • Eating healthy dessert;
    • Joining you for a walk with the pram, or other exercise; and
    • Not eating fattening food that you love in front of you (try to keep it out of sight and preferably out of the house completely).

Temptation will make an already challenging task even tougher.  A healthy lifestyle is important for the entire family.

Always consult your doctor, midwife, or child health nurse before starting weight loss.  They may advise you to wait until your six week postnatal check up.


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