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Taking Care of Yourself

If you’re feeling tired right now you’re not alone!

Many parents say that being a parent is the toughest job they ever had. Having your sleep interrupted every night for weeks,  and months on end can make your life really difficult.

It is important to make sure you are taking care of yourself, especially if you plan to make some changes. Place these “taking care of yourself” points up somewhere you can see them often each day as a reminder.

    • Share your workload – which tasks can you share with other members of the family? Include your partner, older children, extended family and friends and ask them how they can help out.
    • Try to drink eight glasses of fresh water each day – if you are dehydrated you will feel even more groggy and lethargic.
    • Take as many cat naps as you can through the day – frequent mini-naps (5-30minutes) are really helpful for tired bodies and can help you get through the tough days and nights.
    • Keep some quick to prepare, healthy food in your fridge - for example, fruit, vegetables, cheese, yoghurt or muesli bars. Try to grab a snack every couple of hours rather than skipping meals.
    • Have a “calm-down” plan - if you feel angry, stressed out, annoyed or tearful – what can you do to calm yourself? Plan to phone a friend or do deep breathing exercises, run around the garden or whatever works for you.  Practice your plan.
    • Try to keep up with an activity that you enjoy – it might be just listening to music, grabbing a newspaper each day, catching up with a friend for a quick coffee or doing exercise. These sorts of activities will help you stay in touch with yourself.

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