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Work and Parents

Negotiating with work begins for families before their first baby arrives as they decide about how they can both attend medical appointments. The discussions continue as families having a baby make important many important decisions related to the care of their children and their workplace.  These can range from:

    • When to stop work, will both parents take leave from their employment and if so how long will this be for?
    • Will both parents return to work? Will they return full time or part time employment?
    • Which roles will dad and mum take on in caring for their child/ren?
    • What arrangements will be made to care for their child/ren when they return to work?
    • If children are unwell how will they manage this situation with their employers?
    • When it comes to education, how will they manage kindy, school hours and school holidays if they are working? Will they be able to attend special school assemblies, events and sports days?

Work can impact your lifestyle, family life and relationships. How we remain connected and involved in caring for our children is something that every working parents can find challenging. The type of career we have and the sector we are employed in brings its own set of unique variations to the way we and our employers approach the needs of parenting. Issues around flexible  hours, shifts, provision of leave for family matters, work   travel away,  job security,  family relocation,  and  financial packages are just some of the  issues families and employers tell us they consider.

Parents who work away

More information about parents who work away

Parents Who Work Away Workshops

Ngala has been involved in research and has just launched a new Parenting Workshop called Parents Working Away for families in these circumstances.  Find out more about what resources are available for Families with a parent who works away  

Families moving for Work Workshops

Have you moved or are you planning a relocation? Have you migrated or relocated from interstate? Whatever your circumstances, how you and your children manage this change is very important? Ngala’s Families Moving for Work workshop will explore these issues and look at how to adapt and manage  this experience.

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  • Early Parenting Groups

    Early Parenting Groups

    When: 22 Nov, 9:30am

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    Birth to 4 months: A 5-week series of workshops for parents with a newborn baby. Each workshop covers a wide range of topics about you and your new baby and provides the opportunity to meet and connect with other new parents in your local area.

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