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Fathers Handling their Babies

 --- For Dads - Handling their Baby 

Some new dads might think that their partners are much better at everyday baby handling skills such as changing nappies, bathing and settling to sleep.

If this is true for you, could this be because your partner has had more opportunities to practise and learn these skills? As we know, “practice makes perfect” (although there are definitely no “perfect” parents!). Everyday parenting skills are learned through ‘on the job’ training. That is why it is so important for you to be involved and actively participating in day to day parenting activities if you want to get your skills up.

Mothers and fathers can have unique ways of handling their baby which both compliment and enhance each others’ effect on the baby.

    • Natural differences include fathers’ preference for ‘rough and tumble’ play and ‘controlled risk’ activities, and mothers’ more rhythmic handling style.
    • These differences both have a positive effect on your baby’s development..
    • For example, father-typical approaches can result in improved coordination, better management of excitement peaks, and increased independence, autonomy and efficacy in your child.
    • Dad’s involvement in daily parenting activities is vitally important in the development of a positive and secure connection between father and child.
    • Equal share of daily parenting duties means that both parents have opportunities to take a break and have some time out, helping maintain good overall mental health and wellbeing..

Please note that if you are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of fathering then try to talk to your partner, a good friend, or a relative who has children and can understand what you might be going through. Alternatively, you can contact Ngala and Hey Dad WA for professional support and advice.

Telephone: (08) 9368 9368 or 1800 111 546


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