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Newborn to 12 weeks

Newborn facts and information

Your baby was familiar with your voice whilst in the womb and now your baby is putting a face to the voice. The only organ that is still developing after birth is the brain and you have the privilege to enrich your child’s brain.  Your baby is learning about the world through the senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight).

About Relationships

Don’t forget to make time for each other and have regular Couple Time.  Having a baby is a big change in your relationship, you need to make sure that you have a family plan and have time to sit and discuss your individual needs. During the early weeks you need each other’s support as babies wake frequently during a 24hr period.

Mums - Your baby needs feeding day and night, try and get some sleep when your baby sleeps in the day.

Dads – your baby needs you to talk, hold, play, soothe and protect as you build your baby’s brain connections. Did you know that building your baby’s brain is not just about intelligence but also about relationships?

About Self Care

This is important as you will probably feel exhausted and overwhelmed during the early weeks of parenthood. More about self care.

About Feeding ------ BF14423333lo

It takes time for you and your new baby to establish the skill of feeding. Babies are individuals and lengths of feeds and the number of feeds may vary in a 24hr period.

Parents have a number of important decisions to make when it comes to nutrition for their baby like whether to breastfeed or use formula feeding and if you decide to breastfeed what happens if it doesn't go to plan?

See more about the benefits of breastfeeding your baby, the challenges of breastfeeding and what happens if it doesn't go to plan.

About Sleep and Settling

50% of babies are still waking during the night at 1 year of age. You need to get to know your baby’s tired signs and communication methods, but there are some common signs. More about Sleep.

About Crying

Crying is normal and research has shown that infants cry an average of 2-3 hours a day. Crying is the only verbal communication that babies can use to attract attention to let you know that they need something. More about crying.

More on Newborns

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Parenting Workshops

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  • Early Parenting Groups

    Early Parenting Groups

    When: 20 Nov, 9:30am

    Where: Singleton

    Birth to 4 months: A 5-week series of workshops for parents with a newborn baby. Each workshop covers a wide range of topics about you and your new baby and provides the opportunity to meet and connect with other new parents in your local area.

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