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Adjustment to Parenting

Listen to Podcast on Adjustment to Parenting

Week 12

In this session, we explore the journey for both new Mums and new Dads, as they begin to adjust to their new life as a parent, with guest Keith Read from Ngala’s DadsWA program.

Questions discussed:

    • What kinds of changes occur when you become a new parent?
    • What are the physical and emotional changes that happen when you welcome your new baby into your life?
    • How your expectations of parenthood may differ from reality, and how this may impacting on your adjustment to parenting.
    • Some tips on looking after yourself and how to manage this period of change and adjustment.

Week 13

We discuss the impact of having a baby on your relationship and how to manage these changes and work together to parent together:

    • How having a baby can impact upon your relationship and how these changes are common as they both adjust to becoming new parents.
    • The factors that contribute to conflict within the relationship.
    • How to talk and listen effectively  to each other about your feelings and acknowledging that this is a big time of physical and emotional change for each parent.
    • Some tips on how to have a parenting partnership and work together.

Resources for week 12 & 13:

Week 23

We discuss taking care of you:

    • Adjustment to parenting
    • How to recognize symptoms of Post Natal Depression and Perinatal Anxiety
    • Contributing factors to depression and anxiety
    • How to get help if you think you or your partner may be experiencing depression or anxiety
    • Treatment options and who can support you
    • The importance of speaking up and getting help early

Week 24

We continue our discussion about taking care of you:

    • How to stay mentally, physically and emotionally healthy as a parent
    • Strategies and tips for parents to help support each other
    • Self care – what is it and why is it so important in staying healthy?
    • How looking after you, is part of looking after baby.

Resources for weeks 23 &24

Week 25

We discussed parents working away or parenting  through separation:

    • Strategies and tips to help with parenting while working away.
    • Strategies for the parent at home, the working parent and the child to help maintain communication, connections and build healthy relationships.
    • How to help children deal with their emotions when they are being separated from their parents due to work or relationships break downs.
    • Parenting through separation and how to maintain your bond and emotional connection with your child if separated.
    • Putting your children first, how to be aware of your child’s emotional well being through separation.

 Resources for week 25

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