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Preparing for Birth

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We discuss preparing for birth in Week 1-5.

Week 1

Topics discussed:

    • Late pregnancy, preparing to welcome baby into the world
    • Time of big change, preparing for baby, expectations around early parenting,
    • Preparing for birth,
    • Try to expect the unexpecte


Week 2

Topics discussed:

    • How to prepare for baby, some practical tips.
    • How to prepare toddlers and other children for a new baby.
    • Expectations around birthing, including birth plans and support people.
    • Positive ways to prepare for birth, including mindfulness and relaxation.
    • Making choices around feeding your baby.


Week 3

Topics discussed:

    • What new parents may be experiencing shortly after labour, the physical and emotional changes.
    • Your baby’s first cuddles and breast feeds – why skin to skin contact is so important after birth for feeding and building attachment, and Mum and baby are learning to breast feed.
    • How to share the good news and handle visitors while allowing you and your partner time to adjust, recover and enjoy your new baby after labour.


Week 4

Topics discussed:

    • What do babies need from Mum and Dad in the first few days?
    • How can Dad’s be involved in looking after baby and bonding with baby?
    • Breast feeding in the first few days
    • Physical and emotional changes for Mum in the first few days
    • Adjustment to caring for your newborn, and the changes in your relationship with your partner.


Week 5

Topics discussed:

    • Newborn safety and sleep
    • Bringing baby home and how to keep them safe, including safe sleep practices.


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  • Important Changes to Ngala Services

    Important Changes to Ngala Services

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