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Your Growing and Changing Baby

Listen to Podcasts on Your Changing and Growing Baby (3-6 months) 

Week 20 &21

Questions discussed:

    • How your baby is beginning to change from a newborn to a 3 – 6 month old baby.
    • The changes in their physical development, including their different sleep and feeding patterns and needs.
    • How they are beginning to develop a routine or rhythm to their day around sleep, feeding and playing.
    • Their new physical skills and how to support development of these skills.
    • Their social skills and their new language skills.
    • Tips on how to manage distracted feeding which can be a common concern of parents for this age group – as their babies are just so interested in the world and not so much in feeding!
    • The Wonder Weeks – what they are and how they can help us understand our babies changing development, and understand the relationship between development and possible disruptions to their sleep, feeding and emotional needs.


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