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Key Rules of Food Safety

These are food hygiene practices that should be followed by everyone to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Keep it cold

Keep it hot

    • Keep the fridge below 5°C
    • Put any food that needs to be kept cold in the fridge straight away 
    • Don’t eat food that’s meant to be in the fridge if it’s been left out for two hours or more 
    • Defrost and marinate food in the fridge, especially meats 
    • Shop with a cooler bag, picnic with an esky
    • Cook foods until they’re steaming hot
    •  Reheat foods until they are steaming hot 
    • Make sure there’s no pink left in cooked meats such as mince, sausages or chicken 
    • Look for clear juices before eating freshly cooked chicken or pork 
    • Heat to boiling all marinades containing raw meat juices before serving

Keep it clean

Check the label

    • Wash and dry hands thoroughly before starting to prepare or eat any food, even a snack 
    • Keep benches, kitchen equipment, tableware clean and kitchen cloths clean 
    • Separate raw and cooked food and use different cutting boards and knives for each 
    • Don’t let raw meat juices drip onto other foods 
    • Avoid eating food made by someone sick with something like diarrhoea
    • Don’t eat food past the use-by date
    •  Note the best before date 
    • Follow storage and cooking instructions 
    • Ask for information about the source and freshness of unpackaged foods

Source: Pregnancy and Food Safety, (external link) Food Authority NSW.

High risk foods that you should avoid when pregnant are outlined in the Safe Food Guide for Pregnancy.
Also watch the Remember the Golden Rules (external link) food safety video (NSW Food Authority).


>>Safe Food Guide For Pregnancy>>

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