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 ------ 77881690Good sleep is essential for you to function well especially when your body is under extra stress such as pregnancy. It helps to restore your ability to perform at your best during waking hours. When sleep is impaired your performance is reduced and you are less able to juggle every day challenges.


How much sleep?


    • Sleep needs vary with individuals, but most perform best with eight-hours of sleep per day. 


    • Make up for lost sleep by sleeping-in or napping when and where possible (e.g. on the weekend, at lunchtime at work) – schedule it into your day.
    • Have short naps. A power nap can do wonders even if it is only 10-15 minutes.  However, if possible nap for no longer than 30-45 minutes and no later than 4:00 pm.  This way your night time sleep will not be affected and you won’t wake up feeling too drowsy.
    • If you are still tired after long and regular sleep, see your doctor about other possible causes (e.g. low iron).

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