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Preschool 3 to 4 years

Information about preschoolersWow, how they’ve grown! At this age children are becoming more social and interactive and you will find that you can’t keep up with their questions and curiosity.

They have gained more language, are developing a sense of humour, and friendships are starting to emerge.

You might hear your child saying:

“Johnny is my best friend”

“I will marry Jane when I grow up”.

Children at this age are engaging more in fantasy play and they may even imitate you. They become quite independent and strong-willed. Due to this fierce independence you may be feeling rejected by your child and they sometimes may tell you to “go away”, “leave me alone” etc. This is nothing personal and is part of their changes in development.

About Sleep

Some tired signs for this age group may include the expected yawning, frowning, uninterested in food and surroundings, staring, grizzling, whinging and crying. More about Sleep and Settling

About Brain Development

Your preschoolers are developing at a rapid rate. They are more able to think about other people’s thoughts, feelings and desires and are developing empathy. They are beginning to take responsibility for their own actions. You may hear little Johnny comforting a friend who is crying, “Its ok your mum will be here soon”. They are able to construct purposeful joint goals with attachment figures and play mates. 

About Nutrition

It is important to remember that while your toddler’s brain is busy growing, gathering and processing information, their rate of weight gain is slowing and this may affect their appetite. More about Nutrition

About Behaviour

At this age children can be very caring, loving and considerate. They are beginning to be aware of the feelings of others. And they are also learning about how their own behaviour affects others. More about Behaviour

About Play and Development

They are moving from independent play to social play. This may include fantasy or imaginary play with small groups of children. More about Play and Development

About Safety (Road Aware-Smart Steps)

Road and play safety is a big deal at this age as children's busy, inquisitive nature makes roads, driveways and cars potentially dangerous environments. More about Safety

About Kindy

Kindy is available for your child from the age of 3. Parents should research the Kindy’s that are available and you should choose one that best suits your needs. More about Kindy

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  • Let's Sleep

    Let's Sleep

    When: 18 Dec, 9:30am

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    6 - 12 months. Is your baby having difficulty around sleep? Ngala provides a one-off workshop to help parents understand more about their baby's sleep. Information will be provided on sleep and settling strategies.

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