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Road Aware Smart Steps

Ngala has partnered with the Road Aware Parents Program, an initiative of the Road Safety Council of WA, which aims to reduce fatal and serious trauma to children resulting from road crashes and unsafe road, pedestrian and play behaviours.Road safety information for preschool aged children

Smart Steps is a parent and carer education program regarding the use of:

    • child car restraints and general passenger safety
    • safe pedestrian practices
    • safe places to play.

Buckle up every child, every time, every trip.

Did you know it is compulsory for children up to the age of 12 months (inclusive) to be placed in a child car restraint and in the back seat of the car? The safest position for your child’s car restraint is the middle of the back seat. If you have more than one child, remember the back seats are the safest seats.

Use these pedestrian safety messages

‘Whenever we’re out walking we hold hands or you hold the pram or my bag.’

‘There’s no running ahead.’

‘Before we cross the road together we always STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK.’

Model safe pedestrian behaviours by obeying traffic rules, road signs and choose safe places to cross.

When supervising your child playing or riding talk to them about:

    • Why footpaths, roads and driveways are not safe places to play
    • How helmets, enclosed shoes, wrist and knee pads keep them safer when riding bikes, scooters and skateboards
    • Why they should not ride their bike, scooter or skateboard without an adult watching.

The partnership with the Road Aware Parents Program involves Ngala delivering free education programs that have been developed to help parents and carers to model safe behaviours and make safer decisions in the road environment for very young children. This information has been adapted from ‘A Road Safety Booklet for parents and carers of children 0 to 4 years old’

For more information visit Smart Steps. 

This information has been adapted from:

Ngala and Smart Steps working together to promote road awareness         Meet Izzy the Road Safety Lizard!

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