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About Behaviour

Information about toddler's behaviourWhile your child is building their brain they need to constantly interact with their environment (mentally and physically) and this means testing the boundaries. The whole family can experience frustration at times, and there may possibly be lots of emotional outbursts. You will notice your toddler is learning different concepts and skills such as sharing and social play. This goes hand in hand with short concentration span and limited language to express their emotions.

Everyday activities provide a platform for your toddler to learn life skills such as negotiating and problem solving and they will use opportunistic moments to practice and build on these skills. For example taking time over getting dressed, packing and unpacking cupboards, wanting to do exactly what you do and wanting to help.

Children need to feel secure (emotionally and physically) and allowed to explore the world knowing that they have a safe and consistent base. Knowing the parent or carer will always be their anchor as they learn about the new world. Noticing  your toddler displaying behaviour that is acceptable to you, and giving them lots of positive reinforcement, builds your toddlers self esteem.

A toddler benefits if their parents are consistent, fair, good role models, have open honest communication with each other, set clear boundaries and display lots of love. This will enhance a toddler’s life skills and emotional coping mechanisms. 

Toddlers love repetition e.g. asking the same question, demanding the same story over and over again. This natural curiosity and drive to explore is vital in building brain connections and memory. Toddlers need to be egocentric as they learn about themselves before they can relate to others.

Toddlers Brain Matter - written by Ngala for Offspring Magazine

Building Resilience - written by Ngala for Offspring Magazine

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