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Ngala's Healthy You Healthy Baby App

Ngala Healthy You Healthy Baby

Ngala's Healthy You, Healthy Baby App

This tool is designed to track your health and wellbeing during pregnancy and the early stages of being a parent (up until your baby is about 18 months) and provide you with tips along the way to keep you and your family happy and healthy.


Mobile App

phone appNgala Healthy Ýou Healthy BabyYou can also get this app for your phone.

iPhone App ..  available now!

Android App .. available now!


The Healthy You Healthy Baby App and online resources have been developed in collaboration with ECU’s Child Health Promotion Research Centre.

ECU Child Health Promotion Research CentreThey are the outcome of the Starting Childhood Obesity Prevention Earlier (SCOPE) project conducted by ECU’s Child Health Promotion Research Centre, with financial support from Healthway and the Department of Health WA.

Department of Health

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