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2012 Pilot Project Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities

Posted on: Wed 14 November 2012

2012 Pilot Project Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities  image

The Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities project was warmly received by Pilbara community members.

In partnership with Population and Community Health and supported by BHP Billiton through their Community Grants program, this community initiative was rolled out in Port Hedland from 3-7 September and in Newman from 17 – 19 September 2012.

It offered the Pilbara communities a wide range of activities to support families and those working with them. In total, 248 parents and 100 professionals working with families attended the workshops organised in Port Hedland and Newman by Ngala.

“It gave me reassurance that I am on the right track plus some handy hints for when baby arrives”, said a parent participant.

All professional workers who attended the workshops feedback that the information provided would be useful to their work with families.

“I liked the practical context of the presentation. The delivery of the workshop was excellent and everything was informative, useful and easy to understand”, said a professional participant.

Over the course of the program in both locations, Ngala conducted workshops on the following topics:

    • 12 workshops on Sleep
    • 7 workshops on Behaviour
    • 8 workshops on Building Young Children’s Brains (0-6yrs)
    • 3 workshops on Toileting
    • 2 workshops on Nutrition
    • 3 workshops on Fathering
    • 6 workshops on Helpline activities; and
    • 11 workshops on research, practice and resources for Professionals

The Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities project brought Ngala into contact with 32 organisations and created partnerships with 23 of them.

“Ngala is grateful for the support of BHP Billiton through their Community Grants program in supporting organisations and families in Newman and Hedland. We hope to continue working with them in the future”, said Stephen Gallagher, Ngala Pilbara Project Officer.

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