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Building Brains for Young Children 0-3 Years

$ 10.00

Through filming everyday families, this DVD demonstrates how children’s brains begin developing before birth and how this development is encouraged through nurturing and responsive relationships in the early years.

The Building Brains DVD is the comprehensive resource for child education and health professionals working with families and children as well as parents.  It translates current theoretical knowledge into practical examples.

See a video overview of Building Brains for Young Children 0-3 Years

DVD Contents:


Chapter 1:   Brain development begins before birth. It takes more than 20 years for our brains to fully mature. Discover how the brain develops in utero and understand why a healthy lifestyle for both parents and child is essential.
Chapter 2:   Nature and Nurture. Experts agree that both nature and nurture play an equal role in brain development. This chapter highlights the different stages in brain development and how a baby is born ready to both form relationships and to encode emotional memories.
Chapter 3:   Everyday experiences affect brain connections. Ordinary, everyday moments, repeated over time, help young children learn about the world through their senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing and movement. Understand the importance of games in strengthening brain connections.
Chapter 4:  Children live what they learn. Children learn by imitating and observing the important people in their lives, through play and by doing things.  They need safe and secure relationships to maximise their learning.
Chapter 5:  Language development. Babies understand the emotional meaning behind communications and can communicate long before they can speak. By talking or reading to a young child about everyday things and objects you are impacting on the development of their brain and ability with language.


 “This DVD has messages for the entire community... the broader community needs to be involved in raising children by supporting parents in their parenting role”

Professor Fiona Stanley, 2012

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