Ngala produces a number of reports to keep you informed. We’ve gathered the most significant of them to share with you.

Annual Review

Find out what we’ve been working on for the past Financial Year, read personal experiences from service users and explore some of our best images. The Annual Review rounds up Ngala’s impact in a bite-sized report.

Ngala Annual Review 2017-2018

Financial Reports

Ngala’s full financial information is freely available at the ACNC. If you’re searching for information on a specific service, you can find it below.

Reconciliation Action Plan

In 2013, Ngala looked critically at its sites and services to see how culturally safe and inclusive they are to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – then began our plan to improve them.
Guided by a local Aboriginal Elder and our Aboriginal staff, Ngala developed our first Reconciliation Action Plan, launched in July 2014.

Today, we are focusing on innovation through our second Reconciliation Action Plan.

Find out more about Ngala’s commitment to reconciliation.

Research documents

Ngala works with others on select research projects, including…

Discover more about Ngala’s involvement in significant WA research.

HBF Healthy Family Holidays Report

What if we suggested that family holidays were good for you? It’s not too good to be true – Ngala recently helped to produce a report on the benefits of family holidays. If holidays are an affordable option for your family, they can be a healthy bonding experience, foster happiness through connection and shape who were are as we grow.

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