The quality of a baby’s emotional relationships directly influences brain growth and development. Babies with secure attachment relationships are more likely to show optimal development. 

What is a secure attachment?

Secure attachment refers to the environment of support that a parent creates around their baby that encourages them to explore and learn. Security of attachment requires a caregiver who is sensitive and responsive to the needs of his or her baby.  

Why is it important?

When children feel safe and secure, they feel more comfortable to explore the new and unknown. Knowing you are there to support and help them if it all gets too much makes them feel safe. They will look over regularly to see if you are paying attention while they explore, so stay within eyesight. 

Young children don’t consciously think about this, they are wired to do this automatically. Over time, they remember what parents have shown to be safe and what is dangerous. 

By responding to our babies needs and helping them to make sense of the world we help them develop a sense of security. 

This creates a happy, securely attached baby, who has the confidence to explore freely, and grow and learn in a safe environment.  

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