When you fundraise for Ngala, you’re supporting families to raise happy, healthy children and build strong, safe communities.

To help you to fundraise safely, we’ve prepared some short guidelines.

Online fundraising

If you’re fundraising online, creating an Everyday Hero page is as simple as can be. Just visit nfp.everydayhero.com/au/ngala to start fundraising for Ngala today.
Everyday Hero makes it easy to set your goal, share it with your friends and spread your impact.


Are cocktail parties, brunches or bake sales more your style?

Often, this means dealing with cash. To avoid any confusion, we recommend reading the fundraising laws in your state

Quick tips for collecting funds
  • Handling cash can be risky – can your fundraising be done online instead, e.g by smartphone, or direct to Ngala’s site?
  • Can you request a cheque?
  • Some states will require a general receipt for funds – can you issue receipts?
Quick tips for depositing fund
  • If you receive a cash donation, please convert it to a bank cheque as soon as you can
  • Send your cheques securely to Ngala at 9 George St, Kensington WA 6151
  • Please do not bank funds raised into your own bank account – this is not allowed in many places
  • Funds should be returned to Ngala as soon as possible. If you’re in WA, this is within just 14 days.

Get support from Ngala

We’d love to come along to your fundraising event. Just share the word and we’ll try our best to attend, say a few words about Ngala and thank your donors.

Talk it through

If you’d like to talk to a Ngala staff member about fundraising, call 9368 9306 or email [email protected].