Learning to ride a bicycle helps your child grow in confidence and gain new skills. While it is an extremely rewarding experience for any parent, it is an experience your child will treasure forever!

Our good friends at SDERA (School Drug Education and Road Aware) have some fantastic resources to help you highlight the importance of bike safety with your child.

Free resources

Beginning Bikers

Not sure what kind of bike to start you child on? Take the guess work our of it with SDERA’s tips.

Helmets Hug Heads

Time to buy your child a new helmet? Get off to the best start with this easy guide.

Check Your Helmet

Not sure if that small crack in your child’s helmet is a big deal? Find out all about helmet safety.

Bikes, Helmets and Shared Paths

Time to talk about using the roads safely? This free resource is a great starting point for important discussions.