LEAD – Leadership Exploration and Development for 18 – 35 year olds

What is LEAD?

A leadership exploration and development journey which encompasses learning from the life experiences of Midwest business and community leaders, and the development of their unique leadership styles and qualities.

Who is it for?

Young people aged 18 – 35 living in the Midwest, their employers or supporters. Young people can be self-employed, unemployed, on a board or committee, or employed.
There are no pre-requisites required to undertake LEAD. The young person simply needs to be open to learning and sharing, committed and available. Employers or supporters need to allow the participants to attend the entirety of the program and empower them to complete the external aspects.

When and where does it run?

One full day session each month from March until October. Venues will vary each month exposing the young leaders to a range of businesses and organisations. A Graduation evening is held at the end of the program.

Why is it important?

Current and future employers…

…find that LEAD not only enhances skills but enables these young people to contribute more confidently within the organisation and to take on leadership roles at work and in the community.

…provide their potential young leaders with valuable learnings and experience which can be applied within their workplace immediately following each session.
Potential young leaders…

…develop connections with a close group of peers plus local business and community leaders.

…lead their own community impact activities.

…discover and enhance their leadership skills and knowledge through a variety of formats.

The community…

…retains its young leaders, who are encouraged to remain in the region.
…benefits from the increased involvement, input and impact from these young leaders.
…becomes known for its powerful young leadership program – encouraging school leavers and young adults to remain or relocate here, as they feel supported and provided with opportunity.

How can I get involved?

LEAD is open to new participants, presenters and sponsors any time. Please contact the Coordinator on lead@ngala.com.au or 0473 333 803 if you’d like to get involved.

Applications will open late 2020 for LEAD 2021.