As we move towards our 130th year of providing support to families in Western Australia, we are incredibly proud to introduce our Ngala Ambassadors: Professor Fiona Wood, Professor Donna Cross, Doctor Jackie Scurlock and Ms Kathleen Heath.

These four incredible women will work alongside Ngala as advocates, as we work to change the trajectory of child development in this state.

With their inimitable experience across the worlds of health care, paediatrics, justice and parenting, our Ambassadors will support Ngala as we advance into our next decade and beyond. We are exceedingly grateful for their commitment to Ngala and to the future of WA families.

Each Ambassador brings with them a remarkable body of work and achievement, but of most importance for Ngala is their passion and commitment to improving outcomes for Western Australia’s children.

This unique collaboration between Ngala – WA’s most established childhood development organisation – and this exceptional group of Ambassadors, creates a once in a lifetime opportunity to advance public awareness of childhood development and parenting issues across the state.

Professor Fiona Wood
To have an Australian Living Treasure and the 2005 Australian of the Year advocate for Ngala is an incredible honour. As a mother of four boys and two girls, Professor Wood is no stranger to parenting, while her dedication to her work in the medical and research fields has transformed lives across the globe. Professor Wood’s pioneering spirit in medicine and contributions to society for the benefit of children will be of enormous benefit to Ngala and the families it supports.

Professor Donna Cross
Professor Cross’ passion and commitment in the field of Early Childhood Development and Learning Collaboration provides the perfect synergy for Ngala, in her role as an Ambassador. In her everyday work, Professor Cross brings together families, clinicians, educators, policy makers, other practitioners and researchers to improve the development and learning of young children.

Dr Jackie Scurlock
Jackie has had a long association with Ngala. As a child her father’s pharmacy in Highgate supplied medication to The Alexandra Home (Ngala’s first facility).
Currently a Committee Member with the Friends of Ngala, Jackie was a general paediatrician at Princess Margaret Hospital until 2009 and has worked in private paediatrics in Subiaco and in newborn baby units in public and private hospitals in Perth, until her retirement in 2019.

Kathleen Heath
Kathleen brings to Ngala her experience of working in the justice system as a magistrate, particularly for juvenile cases for 10 to 17 year olds. Her experience allows her to provide an insider view of heartbreaking social and family situations, and the violence and abuse children can be exposed to.
Kathleen strongly believes in the objectives of Ngala and through her position and connections in the community and justice system she can “spread the word” to ultimately help children and parents gain access to this much needed support and resource.

We are exceedingly grateful for their commitment to Ngala and look forward to a successful partnership.