Ngala’s Circle of Security® ParentingTM Program
Ngala facilitates an eight-week Circle of Security Parenting program in partnership with Parenting Connection WA (PCWA) at a number of sites across Western Australia.

If you are interested in the Circle of Security Parenting program and live in the following areas, please contact your local PCWA region;
Gascoyne: [email protected]
Midwest: [email protected]
North West Metro: [email protected]

Please note: This program is for parents and caregivers. It is not a professional development program. If you enrol as a professional, you will be asked to cancel your booking.

About the Circle of Security® ParentingTM Program
What is Circle of Security Parenting?
Circle of Security Parenting is an eight session series based on decades of research. The program focuses on supporting and strengthening parent-child relationships by guiding you through new ways to understand and respond to your child’s behaviour.

The program was developed to help you notice ways to connect with your children. The focus is on supporting safe, responsive and protective relationships between children and the people that care for them.

The program runs for eight weeks, with a two-hour session each week. You will learn to:

  • Increase your understanding of your child by learning about their emotional needs.
  • Support your child’s ability to successfully manage their emotions.
  • Support the development of your child’s self-esteem.

What happens in Circle of Security Parenting sessions?
Each week, Circle of Security Parenting facilitators use video and group discussions to explore your thoughts and beliefs about parenting and children.

This can be challenging at times.

You will be required to talk about and reflect on:

  • your own struggles as a parent,
  • your experience of being parented,
  • how your partner’s experiences might be different from yours, and
  • how your child’s experience might be different from yours.

How many people attend each session?
A maximum of 20 people attend each program.

Who are the facilitators?
All Circle of Security Parenting facilitators have received training and certification in Circle of Security Parenting. At Ngala, each session will be conducted by two accredited facilitators.

Do I need to attend every Circle of Security Parenting session?
Ngala recommends attendance at each session. This is because the content, learning and concepts are built and expanded on at each session across the eight weeks.

To successfully complete the program, you are required to attend all eight sessions.
We understand that family life can make this challenging. To help your family we can arrange the following;

  • If you miss a session, you must come early the following week to have a catch-up session.
  • No more than two of the eight sessions can be missed. A catch-up session must be attended for both.

You will only receive a certificate of completion if you complete the full program by meeting these requirements.

Ngala’s facilitators are obligated under their Circle of Security Parenting registration to follow the guidelines set by Circle of Security International.

What if I don’t have regular contact with my child?
A significant part of Circle of Security Parenting is reflective group discussion. Each week between sessions, you will be asked to observe your child’s behavior and your own responses and interactions with your child, then reflect on what you have learned.

It is possible for you to gain skills, knowledge and confidence by being part of this program if you do not have regular contact with your child/ren. However, we encourage you to discuss your family situation with our facilitators before enrolling to find out whether this program is the best fit for you.

Confirming your attendance
The Circle of Security Parenting program is popular and there are often waiting lists.
Once you have been offered a place in a program, you will be contacted via text message (SMS) to confirm your place.

Once you have confirmed your place via reply text, you will receive a phone call from a facilitator to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have.

Ngala’s commitment to continual improvement
Your feedback is an important part of continual service improvement at Ngala.

You will have opportunities to give us verbal feedback at each session and written feedback at the end of the series.

What if I need further support?
Circle of Security Parenting is a stand-alone program. If you need further support outside the session times, please contact the local Parenting Connection WA contacts in your area.

You can also link to other parenting services by contacting the Ngala Parenting Line, 8am-8pm, 7 days a week on 9368 9368 or 1800 111 546 (country callers only*), or contact the Ngala Parenting Line online.

*The Ngala 1800 number is unable to provide guaranteed freecall access for all mobile service providers.

Parenting Connection WA and Ngala Parenting Line are not crisis services.

If you or your child require crisis support, please contact a 24-hour helpline.
Lifeline : 13 11 14
13YARN (crisis support designed, led and delivered by and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people): 13 92 76
1800 RESPECT (sexual assault & family violence counselling/referral): 1800 737 732
Alcohol and Drug Support Service : 9442 5000 or 1800 198 024 (country callers)
Crisis Care : 1800 199 008
Entry Point Perth : 6496 0001 or 1800 124 684 (crisis accommodation, Mon-Sat only)
Gambling Helpline : 1800 858 858
Health Direct : 1800 022 222 (health information and medical advice)
Kids Helpline : (ages 5 to 25): 1800 55 1800
Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline : 1800 000 599
MensLine Australia : 1300 78 99 78
Meth Helpline : 1800 874 878
Sexual Assault Referral Centre : 6458 1828 or 1800 199 888
Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline : 1800 007 339
Working Away Alcohol and Drug Support : 1800 721 997

If someone is in immediate danger, or a serious injury has occurred, call 000.

If English is not your first language, you can get free translation support through the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) by phoning 131 450.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you can make a Voice Relay call through the National Relay Service on 1300 555 727 or SMS Relay on 0423 677 767.