It is with great pleasure that Ngala announces the appointment of our new CEO, Fiona Beermier.

Fiona comes to Ngala from her position as CEO of Intelife Group, having previously led the team at Youthcare as CEO.

Fiona has more than 20 years’ senior management experience in the community sector. She has a unique background combining disability and community services with original experience in nursing, a practice at the heart of Ngala.

A strong and recognised leader within the sector, Fiona has proven success in providing values-based leadership and exceptional outcomes for the community. Her leadership style is based on her core values of integrity, respect, equality and responsibility.

Fiona has brought some vital programs into the community, including:

    • The School Breakfast Program for disadvantaged children;
    • Empowered to Win mentoring program; and
    • The Salvation Army Youth Advocacy program.

We’re very much looking forward to having her on board in mid-July and connecting her to the many West Australian families we support, guide and work alongside every day.