Raising Ngala


In 1890, a group of women united to establish a safe haven for unmarried pregnant girls in Perth. Named the House of Mercy, it was the first refuge of its kind in the young colony.

Since then, the House of Mercy has evolved to become Ngala – a modern community service organisation focused on supporting the wellbeing and development of children and young people.

Raising Ngala tells a uniquely Western Australian story of an organisation’s endurance, development and transformation.

Ngala has adapted and thrived through several different identities, each with its own distinctive characters and challenges.

Its champions have included well-known activists and politicians, including Edith Cowan, Sir James Mitchell and Herb Graham.

But its survival is thanks to the strength and courage of all its people – leaders, staff, trainees, volunteers and families.

Raising Ngala offers a candid, fascinating insight into Ngala’s history, as well as its growth and evolution. It is only by looking back that the enormity of the journey can be truly understood.

Published by Ngala with the generous support of the WA History Foundation and the Friends of Ngala.

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