We are running Online Workshops and Groups for country families on the following topics:

(see descriptions below registration form)



Transition to School 3-5 years

Wednesday 20th November, 10:00am

What can you do to ensure the transition to school is as smooth as possible?

Tips on:

  • encouraging independence
  • ideas for the lunchbox
  • separation anxiety
  • how to make friends


You and Your Growing Baby 3 – 6 months

Tuesday 26th November, 10:00am

Join us for our interactive parenting group workshop as we discuss a range of parenting topics. Each group will be tailored to answer your questions and provide parenting information based on your individual needs including:

  • Sleep, feeding, starting solids
  • Play and development, safety,
  • Your wellbeing,
  • Any other questions you may have.


Baby Massage 0-12 months

Thursday 28th November, 11:00am

Join us with your little one for some bonding time and relaxation time.

Introductory baby massage session where we will be discussing:

  • The benefits of baby massage
  • Best time to massage and
  • How we massage our babies


Toddler Behaviour 1-3 years

Thursday 5th December, 10:00am

Come along to our workshop where we will be discussing what are common toddler behaviours

  • Is your toddler testing the boundaries?
  • Becoming frustrated or overwhelmed?
  • How we can support our toddlers when they are frustrated
  • Practical tips and strategies in supporting our toddlers


Sleep 6-12 months

Thursday 12th December, 10:00am

  • Is your baby staying awake longer during the day?
  • Unable to settle by themselves?
  • Wakes numerous times over night?

Come along to our workshop where we will discuss sleep patterns, routines and some practical tips and strategies to help our little ones learn a new skill.


You will need to download the Vidyo Conference software on a computer or your phone to access the workshop/group session.  This will be emailed to you.

Join us at home or at your nearest Community Resource Centre

If you have any questions, please contact us here:  countryfamilies@ngala.com.au