Ngala Residential Parenting Service (NRPS)

For our babies to thrive, we need to support their development and learning from their earliest days. This improves their health and wellbeing, now and into the future. Ngala Residential Parenting Service provides the opportunity for parents and caregivers to do this in a safe, nurturing environment, either through a day stay or an extended stay at our private hospital in Kensington.

With support from Ngala’s professional team of child health nurses, midwives, lactation consultants, mothercraft nurses, social workers and a psychologist, we help parents and caregivers understand the unique relationship they have with their child, and work at the child’s pace; meeting the family wherever they are in their journey.

Your stays and sessions at the hospital will address parenting concerns such as perinatal anxiety and postnatal depression, sleep and settling, feeding and nutritional difficulties, child development and behaviour concerns, parent-child relationship difficulties and other factors putting the family at risk.

Parents and caregivers can access a Day Stay or an Extended Stay.


Request for Admission

Request your Admission here

To start your admission process, you will need to complete a Request for Admission form. Please click on Request for Admission above to download your form. This form is a requirement for all admissions to Ngala’s private hospital. Please complete the family section of this form and take it to your medical practitioner for them to complete their section with you. Your medical practitioner will then send the form to Ngala for assessment by the hospital’s intake nurse.

Once this assessment is completed, a Ngala Bookings or Intake team member will contact you to offer an admission date.

For more information about Ngala Residential Parenting Service, please contact the Ngala Parenting Line on  9368 9368.




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