Parenting Groups

Becoming a parent and caring for a baby can be a wonderful experience and, at times, it can be daunting and overwhelming. The Child and Adolescent Health Service provides parents with support, health education and guidance about key health and developmental issues. All families in Western Australia are offered 5 purple book appointments with their child health nurse from birth to 2 years.

During this period of COVID-19  where group sessions are unavailable. The Early Parenting Program is provided by Ngala and funded by the State Government through the Child and Adolescent Health Service.

Ngala Child health nurses, through these virtual sessions will be offering different groups that parents can attend to support them through various stages of their child’s development.

Before you begin your sessions, we invite you to read our Digital Etiquette guidelines which will ensure a positive experience for yourself and your group.


Early Parenting Groups (For parents of newborn babies aged 0-3 months)

Come and meet other parents, through this virtual series, in your local area with newborn babies up to around 3 months.

What is involved?

Free weekly 1 hour sessions for approximately 4 weeks

What is covered?

Your child health nurse will cover the topics you are interested in – these could include:

  • feeding, sleep and settling
  • play and development
  • becoming a parent

How to book?

Please find the region you are located in. Choose a group and starting date that you would prefer. Ideally, choose one close to you so that you can get to know other parents who live locally. You can then register your spot in a session.

North East Metro EPG webinar bookings

North West Metro EPG webinar bookings

Peel EPG webinar bookings

South West Metro EPG webinar bookings

South East Metro EPG webinar bookings


A Solid Start (for parents of babies aged 4 to 6 months)

This free group helps you get ready to introduce solids to your 6 month old baby.

What is involved?

A single 1 hour group session. Suitable for parents of babies around 4 months.

What is covered?

Topics include:

  • why and when to start solids
  • what to introduce and how
  • food and drinks to avoid
  • food safety

How to book?

Follow the link below to view all session dates and times. You can then register your spot in the session which suits you best.

Solid Start Webinar Bookings

Let’s Sleep (for parents of babies aged 6 to 12 months)

If you are concerned about your baby’s sleep and settling routines, this group may be right for you.

This free workshop is for parents with babies aged 6 to 12 months who are experiencing sleep and settling issues.

What is involved?

Two 1 hour group sessions.

What is covered?

  • Establishing good sleep patterns
  • Realistic expectations of sleep
  • Sleep and sleep settling strategies
  • Sharing ideas and experiences with the group to support each other

How to book?

Follow the link below to view all session dates and times. You can then register your spot in the session which suits you best.

Let’s Sleep Webinar Bookings


If you have any enquiries  or need assistance in booking into the appropriate session for yourself and your baby,                                            please contact Ngala at 9368 9368.