Services for Dads (PDF Version)

The role fathers play in the lives of their children is so important. It is also changing and evolving and may look quite different to the role your own father played in your life. This brings so many opportunities for families but also presents many challenges for men as you navigate your relationship with your partner and family, the demands of your workplace and how that fits in the current social landscape. Read on for a roundup of the services available and what they might be able to offer you as you learn to Dad.

Parenting Support and Information:

Country Families @ Ngala and Facebook Group:

CF@N FB Group

Ngala have partnered with WACHS to provide free child health and parenting information and support to families with children from birth to 8 years of age living in regional, rural and remote WA, including a closed Facebook group and free consults.

Ngala Parenting Line:

The Ngala Parenting Line is a free telephone support service for parents and caregivers of children aged 0 to 18 years who live in WA.

Parenting Line (08) 9368 9368 or 1800 111 546

Raising Children Network:

A trusted online parenting resource that provides free, reliable, up-to-date and independent information to help your family grow and thrive together. RCN are funded by the Australian Government and are reviewed by experts and are non-commercial.

Dads WA:

[email protected], call 08 9368 9368

Delivers services and support for fathers, focusing on the child’s first 5 years

The Fathering Project:

The Fathering Project aims to build stronger families and communities by giving men the resources, guidance and support they need to take on the responsibilities of engaged parenting.

Direct Advice for Dads (DAD):

HBF has developed a website as a resource for new and expecting dads. Its aim is to provide information, advice and encouragement to help Australian men as they learn the new role of becoming a Dad.


Family and Friends

– Don’t forget about your mates! Do any of your friends have children?

– They will be a great source of advice, ideas and support through difficult times.

– They are likely to have experienced many of the same things.

– Learn from them about how you can do things with your partner and new child

– Find ways to spend time with your mates and your child.

– You may find that you become closer to your own parents as you gain a better understanding of their perspective as parents.

Mental Health and Well-being:

Most people are aware that anxiety and depression can affect new mothers, but did you know that fathers are also at risk? If not, you’re in solid company – almost 50 per cent of dads aren’t aware of this fact. Studies have shown that male partners can experience significant hormonal changes and, coupled with the lack of sleep that comes with looking after a newborn, it is important for the first time dad to look after himself.

Mensplace – Relationships Australia

Beyond Blue – Dadvice


Dads@lifeline (08) 9261 4444 or 13 11 14


Menstime – Anglicare WA


Parenting Activities

Playgroup WA – 1800 171 882

NaturePlay WA

For parenting support and information contact [email protected] or Ngala Parenting Line

Country Dads’ SMS Service is provided by Ngala and supported by WA Country Health.