Parenting Line FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Ngala’s Parenting Line?

You can contact Parenting Line in three ways:

  • Via phone: Call 08 9368 9368 (metropolitan and mobile callers) or 1800 111 546 (regional from a landline). Our call back service is open 7 days a week, between 8am and 8pm.
  • Via web request:complete a web request located on our website and one of our Parenting Line Practitioners will call you.
  • Via Live Chat:A new pilot, accessible via our web site, available at set times each week. Please refer to our main website page for current session times.

Who calls Parenting Line?

Parenting Line is for parents, grandparents and carers living in Western Australia. We offer support to carers of children aged 0-18 years.

What will happen when I call?

Each time you call Parenting Line:

  • You will hear a recorded message that tells you about how Parenting Line works
  • After listening to this message, you will be connected with switch board operator or a messaging service. You will be asked to provide some details which will be entered into our system, ready for the Parenting Line Practitioner to return your call. Depending on call volume, call return times may vary.
  • The Parenting Line Practitioner will ask you what you would like to talk about and ask you some questions to help understand what’s going on for you.

What can I talk about?

Parents, grandparents, and carers contact us for many different reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons people contact us:

  • They are feeling stressed, worried or frustrated about a parenting related issue and want to talk with somebody outside the situation who will listen without judgement
  • They’re needing ideas and strategies to manage challenging child behaviours
  • They’re uncertain about how best to respond to a parenting challenge
  • They are seeking specific information or referral for a parenting related issue

The top 5 concerns of parents and carers calling Parenting Line are:

  1. Parent-child relationships
  2. Parenting strategies
  3. Parent relationships
  4. Parent mental and emotional health
  5. Challenging behaviour and discipline
  6. Parent relationships

How does Parenting Line Live Chat work?

Parenting Line Live Chat is a type of service that provides emotional support, information, and ideas for tackling parenting challenges using real-time text communication over the internet. It’s similar to Facebook Messenger.

Some people like Live Chat because they can take their time to think about and type their responses.

However, Live Chat is slower than telephone support, so less is covered in a session. Sometimes talking via text can lead to misunderstandings because it’s harder to explain things over text. But Live Chat can be a helpful first step to talk about what you’re going through and look at some options which may help improve the issue or situation.

Please also keep in mind that there may be a queue for Live Chat and sometimes you might have to wait before connecting with a Practitioner.