Parenting Line Privacy Statement

Ngala’s Commitment to Privacy

Ngala’s Parenting Line is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and the information we collect about you.

We are bound by Commonwealth Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles, in addition to other relevant contractual and legal requirements in dealing with personal information. We have a range of safeguards in place to protect information from misuse, interference, and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification, and disclosure.


About Personal Information

Personal information includes a broad range of information, or opinion, which could identify someone. The types of personal information we may collect include your name and birth date; your contact information, including postal and residential addresses, telephone and mobile numbers, email addresses, and your IP address. Personal information also includes sensitive information about you, such as your medical history and personal background.


Why We Collect Personal Information

Ngala’s Parenting Line collects personal information from you so we can tailor our support to your particular needs and circumstances. In addition, the personal information we collect allows us to:

  • Contact and communicate with you.
  • Provide a high standard of service and care when providing you with parenting support.
  • Respond appropriately to prevent or lessen any serious risk of harm to you or others.
  • Comply with professional and ethical standards.
  • Evaluate and report on the use and effectiveness of Parenting Line services.

We will not collect sensitive information unless you have consented; it is required by law – or in other special specified circumstances, for example, where someone is in urgent need of medical care and is unable to give consent.


How We Collect Personal Information

  • When you contact and use Parenting Line, our data systems may automatically collect Personal Information about you, such as your phone number, email address, and IP address.
  • If you speak or chat online to a Parenting Line Practitioner they may also record Personal Information about you. If you provide Personal Information in submitting a Parenting Line call back request form or register for Live Chat, via our website, the information may also be recorded. This includes, where appropriate, creating a client record about you that includes any notes we make and any information you may share with us.
  • We may also record your call or save your online session.


Providing Your Name and Information

You do not have to tell us your name when using Parenting Line. You may choose not to give any name, or you may choose to use a different name (such as a ‘pseudonym’). A pseudonym is a name, term or descriptor that is different to your actual name.

Not giving us your real name, and/or not giving us relevant or accurate personal information (such as your contact details) may however affect the level of service and care we can provide you and the outcomes you achieve from using our service.


Sharing Your Information

We may need to provide information we collect to our government funding bodies, as applicable. For instance, in Western Australia, we may provide information to the Department of Communities, and Child and Adolescent Health Services. This is to ensure we are delivering quality services.

We will not disclose your Personal Information to other organisations (including any organisation overseas) unless we have to because of a law or to protect you or others from serious threats of harm.

For instance, we may have to share your Personal Information with other agencies (such as the police, ambulance, and/or child protection agencies) to protect your life, health, or safety, or that of someone you know. We will always attempt to gain your participation and consent before sharing information about you providing it is safe and practicable for us to do so, taking into account the circumstances.


Accessing and Your Information

We recognise your right to access your personal information, or the information of a person you are legally responsible for, with some exceptions. Your information may be withheld if its release could pose a threat to the life or health of another individual, or impact on their privacy rights.

Your request can be made verbally or in writing, if you would like a copy of your information the application must be made in writing to our CEO. A copy of the record is made and provided to the CEO for review and approval prior to release.

A valid form of photo identification must be provided, to confirm your identity and entitlement to the information, before your application can be processed. Valid identification includes a Passport, Driver’s License, or a Western Australian Department of Transport Photo Card.

If you would like a copy of your information a charge of $80.00 inclusive of GST will apply to the provision of the copy. If you request a partial copy or extract of the record, a charge of $60.00 inclusive of GST applies. The charge is levied to take into account the cost of resources required to provide the copy.


Privacy Complaints

Information about how you can make a complaint is also provided in our Charter of Care and via the email address:  compliments&[email protected]

We are required to report privacy breaches to our government funding bodies, as applicable.