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Professional Development and Training

Are you seeking Professional Development (PD) and training around parenting or children’s development?

Ngala offers short workshops, half-day programs and full-day seminars to people working with families and children in health, parenting, child care and community organisations in WA.

We’ve delivered this training for many years. Hundreds of staff from non-government and government organisations have attended sessions run by Ngala.  Many students have also attended sessions.

Current Sessions

Building Brains

A newborn baby sleepingAn interactive session for service providers that offers information and up to date research on early brain development and its association with behaviour and learning. Practical ideas are demonstrated to help share this knowledge with parents and communities in easy to understand ways.

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Understanding and managing children’s sleep

A baby sleepsThis interactive session provides staff with the opportunity to explore the underlying issues that affect sleep. It offers a deeper understanding of the impact of brain development and attachment on infants’ and children’s sleep. Case studies and group discussion highlight sleep and settling strategies from a strengths-based, outcomes-focused perspective.

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Have an enquiry? Call 9367 0946 or email

Nutrition in the early years

The Food Pyramid

This session focuses on children up to four years of age. It provides an overview of the practical nutritional considerations for this age group. Real life issues are discussed e.g. the how, why and when of introducing solids; strategies to handle the ‘fussy stage’ toddlers often go through when faced with new foods; how to cut through the advertising bombardment; and planning nutritious meals.

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Engaging and working with fathers

A dad playing with his child

Presented by experienced staff from the Ngala DadsWA team, this session explores the importance of including fathers when working with families, the benefits of engaging fathers and impediments to father engagement. The session examines our culture around fathers, broadens understanding of the demands on fathers, explores the language we use, and outlines how to be more inclusive of fathers. Participants will learn about research evidence regarding father involvement, literature on father inclusive practice, and other available resources.

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Collaborative Partnership Practice *NEW*

Two figures move a cog together

This strength-based model gives service providers the skills to engage, motivate and assist families in the difficult task of adapting their behaviour to achieve positive change. Participants will receive an overview and increase their understanding of the principles and application of Collaborative Partnership Practice.


Planned Sessions


Group facilitation

A group learns at a workshop, sitting around a tableThis interactive session provides an opportunity to explore and develop a deeper understanding of the process of facilitating a group. This session is most beneficial for people who facilitate workshops and community groups.

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More training opportunities

Building Partnerships

With the generous support of Woodside, and in partnership with the Centre for Community and Child Health, Ngala offers Building Partnerships training approaches to working with communities and families in partnership.

FIFO Focused Communities 

A partnership with RIO TINTO and WACOSS from 2015 to 2017 allows us to provide training in some key communities where FIFO families reside across WA. Learn about FIFO Focused Communities for professionals.

Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities

As part of Pilbara Families Building Pilbara Communities, sessions are planned for professionals during visits to these regions. Workers in the community are also encouraged to attend parent sessions to familiarise themselves with Ngala‘s evidence based approaches to early parenting .

Mentoring in the Workplace and PRINT (Midwest and Gascoyne)

Ngala programs in the Midwest and Gascoyne help support workers and organisations working in child and adolescent development. Services include Mentoring in the Workplace Training and strengths-based profiling using the PRINT tool.


A new online edition of our Secrets of Good Sleepers book is coming soon.

Current Workshops

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