Centrally located at our private Kensington facility, Ngala’s configurable meeting room and private office space can be adapted to your unique requirements.

Featuring on-site parking, high-speed Wi-Fi access, and air-conditioned spaces, these rooms can cater for groups of up to 65 people.


Rooms available include:


Meeting Room

The meeting room is configurable to various layouts, accommodating different group sizes and meeting formats up to 50 participants. Whether you prefer a boardroom setup for executive discussions, a classroom arrangement for training sessions, or a collaborative open space for team-building exercises, the space can be tailored to suit your preferences.

Board Room

The board room features a large TV and state-of-the-art video conferencing hardware. The solid jarrah board room table can seat up to 12 people.


Combined meeting and board rooms

Seating up to 65 people, the meeting room and board room options can be combined to cater to a range of flexible event requirements.



Ideal for those seeking a private and productive workspace, the office features modern furnishings and ample natural light. It offers a secure, private and quiet space for individual work and/or meetings of 2-3 participants.

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