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Meet Liv

Liv had just had a beautiful baby boy, but things weren’t going as planned. He wasn’t sleeping and she was concerned he wasn’t hitting the developmental milestones that she’d been waiting for. This affected her sleep and well-being.

To overcome these challenges, Liv connected with Ngala’s Day Stay and arranged a time to come in. Liv and her partner spent time with a dedicated Nurse who gave the couple the tools to improve their son’s sleep and the reassurance that he was exactly where he should be. Liv and her partner left feeling confident, knowledgeable and like a weight had been taken away.

Liv says the support she received had “made a huge impact” on her son’s sleep and happiness – and her own.

When you fundraise for Ngala, you’re supporting families to raise happy, healthy children and build strong, safe communities.

187,000 people supported

Your fundraising will support people like Liv and Jen, plus the 187,000+ people who access our services to families, parents, carers, children and young people online and in person.

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If you’d like to talk to a Ngala staff member about fundraising, call 9368 9306 or email [email protected].

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