Parents and Learning (PaL) is a home based parent engagement program that supports Aboriginal families in getting their children, aged 3 – 5 years ready for school. PaL supports parents to participate in their children’s early literacy learning, by providing educational resources delivered to family homes. PaL is being delivered in the Midwest and Gascoyne region.

What we deliver

The PaL program is made up of developed resource kits. We call these “PaL kits”. There are 27 PaL kits which include a story book, an instruction card and a game. Some books include favourites such as “How the Birds Got Their Colour”, “Malu Kangaroo” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

How we deliver

Each week during the school terms PaL kits are delivered to families’ homes by local PaL tutors. PaL tutors demonstrate to families how to use the books and games to best help their children learn.

PaL kits can also be delivered to families who are engaged at our partnering schools. During this time we are deliver the PaL Program to schools through various services such as Story Time.

The Importance of Reading

• When reading to your child, you are helping to build their narrative skills, and developing their sequence and memory skills
• Reading helps children to learn about the structures of stories – a beginning, middle and end
• When reading to your child you have helped strengthen your child’s book knowledge
• When reading to your child, you are helping extend their vocabulary skills and develop their memory skills
• When reading to your child, it helps children learn new words
• Reading to your child helps them to be better readers and allows children who cannot read to retell stories

PaL Tutors

Employing local Aboriginal people as PaL Tutors is crucial in ensuring the program is delivered successfully and makes a difference in communities. Local people are closely connected to families, have knowledge of family’s backgrounds and are aware of the issues surrounding the community. Local knowledge is important in delivering services to Aboriginal people. Tutors play an important role in supporting families in their children’s development, well-being and learning.

PaL aims to empower families to raise expectations in their children’s education and gain confidence in being their first teachers. It builds community capacity and ownership and communities are engaged and proud in supporting children’s learning.

Where you can find us

24-28 Gregory Street, Geraldton
9921 4477

Carnarvon Central, Robinson Street, Carnarvon
9941 3869


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