Fiona Beermier

Chief Executive Officer & Company Secretary MBA, Registered Critical Care Nurse Specialist in Intensive Care, Diploma of Ministry, GAICD

John Dawson

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Smith

Executive Manager

Dr Sapna Jessey

Board Member

Jen Ehlers

Chairperson BA, Grad Dip Ed, MBA

David Izzard

Deputy Chair & TreasurerGAICD, CSA, MBA, CPA, B.Business

Andrew Annand

Board Member

Shelley Archer

President Friends of Ngala and Board Member

Dr Vicki Banham

Board Member

Prue Hawkins

Board Member

Dr Lucy Hopkins

Board Member

Michael Bisset

Board Member

Katherine Allen

Board Member

Fran Carrero

Director - Services  Metro

Jenny Allen

Director - Services  Regional

Dr Elaine Bennett

Director Research